Formal Knowledge Representation in Bioinformatics Databases for Cardiovasology


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General information

CMBI in Peking University is making an effort to build formal mediating ontologies for cardiovascular domain databases. As a case study for this effort, we introduce the OntoCardio project, which is an improvement initiative to a legacy database Cardio. The knowledge representation methodology is extend-worthy to other analogous biomedical information systems.

The OntoCardio Ontology has been released. Taking advantages of this ontology, we have developed programs that achieved post of the instantiating task for the new knowledge base generation automatically. A knowledge base is presented as a sample, along with near 50,000 instances as factual and bibliography formal semantic individuals, representing knowledge of 1,000 sample genes related to primary cardiovascular diseases, as well as the supporting reference materials.

Why we start the project as well?

Open source communities such as has offered revolutionary platforms to support software development. This situation will be considerably helpful and valuable to be extended to other open collaborations such as research and knowledge sharing. We are pleased to make our effort to promote this potential and favor our projects.

Biomedical communities has witnessed the flying emergence of various information resources and software systems that helps the processing and management. However in SourceForge knowledge management systems and ontologies are not so flourish. We are thus confident of that our projects is worthy to be hosted, as the context stated above.

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